jed    Jed Germond
Minneapolis, MN

"Jed is a ridiculous perfectionist, just the kind of guy we want working on instruments here at The Podium. Aside from being a master repair man, Jed also builds fine, world class mandolins and guitars."
~ The Podium

Pay Invoice

The following prices are estimates and final quotes will be determined upon final inspection. My hourly charge is $45 and shop materials are included in prices.
Fret Job Fret Job
Dress Fret Dress
Fret Job Partial Refret
$120 + $5 per fret
Reset Neck Reset Neck
New Nut New Bone Nut
Saddle New Saddle 45 Compensated
Cracks Cracks
Estimate Only
Braces Braces
$35 - $60
Acoustic Pickups Install Acoustic Pickup
$45 - $135
Bridges New Bridges
$135 - $200
Bridges Bridge Reglue
$75 - $100
Bridges Peghead Reglue
$100 - $500+

Custom Instruments
Order custom and pre-built guitars, mandolins and more!
Custom OO Guitar
Custom built guitar

View photo slideshows of my repairs and restorations.
Ratliff Mandolin
Broken peghead repair

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